Seeing Agra through an artists eye

Today a friend from the US, Chris eagle put an Instagram post about us and he said the words that I had been struggling to communicate about Agra heritage walks. He said that AHW is different because we make people see the city through the eyes of an artist, a poet, a film-maker, a healer. And I truly believe that.

I feel that India needs to be seen by the eyes of the locals. We have a rich culture and we really need to retrospect and see what we think about it. And this job cannot be left to the hands of the so-called “guides”. We need people who are much much educated and are passionate about their cities or a particular city.

For me being a resident of Agra has really helped me. It is a very few people that can say that their family has lived in this city for over 350 years. My education in literature, journalism, and film-making and me being a traveler has given me a perspective varying from technology to stories to politics and philosophy. And I see that is the reason why most of our guests become so happy while doing the walks with us.

My fellow walk leaders Jitendra and Anal are artists themselves. Both are brilliant poets and Anal is a musician and a gastronomy genius. While Jitendra is a martial arts trainer. They both do not belong to the city like I do but our common passion for literature and research has brought us together.

I absolutely love this city and what really pushes me is the hope that people who are residing in this city and those who are visiting it will go beyond the obvious and be able to appreciate the journey this city has been through.

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