A word on Lashkari breakfast

Neha Chaturvedi writes about the Lashkari breakfast tradition of Agra and how the Mughal rule influenced it.

This city, was once housing two hundred thousand soldiers of the Mughal army. After all it was the capital of the once richest empire of the world. And though these soldiers were left to misery and shame once the kingdom was taken over by the British, we still know them for the food they ate. It was nutritious, rich and heavy food, cooked overnight and served in the morning for them to keep going perhaps for as long it may be needed.

Participants cross Jama masjid during the Lashkari breakfast walk

Interestingly, today we have not only armies that fight wars, but armies of workers too, laborers and people who set off to work every morning and Agra still has the most affordable and delicious breakfast options.

This walk in the old city was about exploring the city through the variety of breakfast options it offers.

Not a regular cup of tea, this is ar(Tea) Arty

We started with amazing Chai at Mantola and ended with the incomparable milk cake outside Mankameshwar mandir.

Mukhtari Nihari

The different recipes one encounters reflect on the different cultures and communities that have come together to make what we know today as the culture and ethos of this city. And there is not one thing we would want to miss out on.

A diverse group to walk with.

We are our diversity, and the many cuisines and the richness that is larger than the sum of all our differences put together.

The community walk is an initiative by Agra Heritage Walks. These walks are pay as you wish walks and are focused on increasing community engagement with the city.

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