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Taj Mahal is the most famous attraction of our city, but Agra is a lot more than that, including monuments, food, people and crafts and we make sure you get a flavour of the city and not just a token tour of the most visited monument. We belong to the city and have spent our childhood in the alleys and streets, and we take those who walk with us through the same routes and places that we locals do. We ensure that you feel safe, both physically and emotionally, as you walk with us. We curate and design the experience especially for you based on your interests and needs.

Agra Old City Things to do Agra

Through life what we cherish the most are stories and memories and we make sure those who walk with us meet the locals and share and exchange stories and memories of their cultures respectively. We believe in genuine, heartfelt connections between people and enjoy honest conversations and so we create space and opportunities for the same for those around us.

Agra Handicrafts Things to do agra

Our city is a hotbed of art and handicrafts. We are extremely proud of the hardworking artisans and do all that we can to share their work with the world and support them continue their generations old skill sets. For those interested, there are workshops possible to get a first hand experience of these meditative crafts.


We do not want anyone to go back with a limited experience of our city and so for those who cannot afford our walks, we have the option of pay as you wish. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and explain your needs.

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About Agra Heritage Walks

Agra is a beautiful city but can be boring for visitors who want more substantial activities.
That’s why we bring to you the people of Agra as your guides. Come explore the city in a new way with our walking tours that are lead by local artists.
These tours are a great choice for visiting students or anyone interested in experiencing India beyond just the tourist spots!
– Tahir Ahmed, Founder | Agra Heritage Walks

Experiences Travellers Love

Our walks are not guided, rather they are storytelling sessions that let you know more about the history of the region as it unfolds on a walk between artisans’ workshops and cultural spaces such as temples, mosques and dargahs.

These walks take you beyond the touristy places, you get introduced to the city through these creative walks led by artists from Agra.