Art Exchange !!

On the spot creating and expressing, sharing the work and exchange what we have created with our fellow participants at the end of the activity.

Creating is perhaps one of the most satisfactory act we as humans can do. Creation in any form leads to expression and understanding at once. What we know as art is just a more refined and self conscious form of that very basic instinct to create- that same instinct from which kids make mountains and shapes as soon as they find sand. The most beautiful part of kids making sand mountains is that they are living in the present, playfully, without the concern for meaning, quality or ideas of preserving it. The wave hits the sand castle, takes it away, and the kid is back to making it from scratch. The Buddhist practice of art is a much more self conscious practice of the same- they create intricate forms only to wipe them off at the end. Beyond expression, the making of art can be meditative, therapeutic, liberating.

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In this activity, we invite anyone and everyone who might want to join us for a couple of hours. We would begin with some moments of silence and then spend the next one hour creating whatever it is that we want to delve into. You can choose whatever medium you like- writing, painting, sketching, photography, music, performance or cooking. Just bring your raw materials with you. The idea is to tap into the collective conscious in the time and space we share. So we are not looking for complete works or premade works at the moment. It is about being together in the act of creating something.

At the end of an hour, we would take some time to put up/ display/ showcase what we have made and share our experiences. Finally people can exchange the work they have created as a form of gift.