Dispelling myths: A midnight walk in Agra

The night walk started at 10 PM in front of Pushpanjali hospital. There were 18 of us who joined the experience. The age spectrum starting from people in early 20’s to 80 year olds.

Posing for a group photo near Kandahari chauraha

A few conversations

Neha talked about reclaiming the night as the time of stories and how she has struggled to feel safe in parts of the city where earlier she was repetitively told that she might be abducted or be hurt.

Ayushi took the conversation further talking about how there are so many things that becomes a part of our mental setup that it becomes impossible to break through all those mental barriers even if you consciously work on it.

Chanda told about her experience of the Pakistani prisoners of war that were held at the jail complex which was there at the Sanjay place location. According to her these prisoners had nothing to do and they would just stare outside the whole day and how that gaze used to make her feel strange.

Throughout walking Anal identified the areas of Agra basis on the feeling they gave him. HIG flats became the Vasant Kunj of Delhi, area opposite to St Paul’s school became Chandigarh. There were interesting conversations with Tushar, an architect from Agra, about the various architect styles we can spot in Agra. Ranging from the all perv