Events for January

Dear friends and community members. Here we are sharing with you the calendar for our events for the month of January. The events include walks, workshops, art exchange, music concert and healing ceremonies. You can read and sign up for the events that you like ( there is a common form for all registrations you can mark as many activities as you want ). Have a great year ahead.

Here is a list of events arranged by date .-

11th January: Storytelling fridays

Excerpt: Do you have a story that you admire? It could be anything, something that you wrote on your own or maybe something that your grandparents passed onto you. Storytelling Fridays is a space for all your stories. Register at:

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13th January: Healing & Sharing Circle

Excerpt: This activity is where we all, as people practising Reiki open up our space to share the healing with those who are interested or in need of receiving healing. The sessions are also open to existing healers in the city who might want to come join us and share their gift as well. Register at:

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20th January: Exploring handicrafts of Agra- Walk through Tajganj

Excerpt: During the walk, we will explore the working system of these small factories that have silently been serving the city for generations. You will bear witness to the fast handiwork here along with the myriad skills. Register at:

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21st January: Intuitive Singing & Sound Healing

Excerpt: Channelise your body energy, open chakras. The module is designed to activate self-healing capacity of the body. If you are having problems focussing, in sleep, or you just want to enhance your physical and mental health then this session is for you. Register at:

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23-25th January: The Winter Medicine – A Shamanic Retreat

Excerpt: The three-day retreat will be an intense process of connecting with our roots through traditional Shamanic practices and rituals. During these days we will be working with our dreams, our energy body, finding our spirit guide/animal and following maps to strengthen our relationship with our ancestor memories. Register at:

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25th January: Musica Medicina

Excerpt: Musica Medicina is a meditative tribal experience that brings together sounds from ancient traditions and presents them in a contemporary form. The music is created in and for the moment, so direct communication can happen between the listeners, the players and the space.

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26th January: Art Exchange

Excerpt: On the spot creating and expressing, sharing the work and exchange what we have created with our fellow participants at the end of the activity.
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27th January: Royal Women of Mughals- A Walk through Mariyam Tomb

Excerpt: Join us on this heritage walk around Miriam Tomb as we would visit the mausoleum of Mariam-uz-Zamani, the Queen consort of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and talk about other Begums and princesses of Mughal empire and try to understand their contributions and
influence on city’s cultural heritage.

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