Healing & Sharing circle

This activity is where we all, as people practising Reiki open up our space to share the healing with those who are interested or in need of receiving healing. The sessions are also open to existing healers in the city who might want to come join us and share their gift as well.

Link for registration : http:// https://goo.gl/forms/pr46dzp3CxENPoI33

Healing refers to being whole, something that goes beyond mere fixing of symptoms. Therefore healing practices are usually associated with a transcendental/ spiritual dimension-  to work with healing, either as a practitioner or a receiver is to work with causes and effects that cannot always be understood or explained rationally, or through a mere individual’s consciousness. Healing, as we understand it, always has a connection with the universal, the cosmic and the collective.

At UP80, all of us have been practising Reiki, as well as working with mental-physical and emotional processes that help us heal and resolve our questions at a deeper level. We are humbled to experience the possibility of helping ease our own and each others’ pain and issues and we are happy to offer healing to those whoever is willing to receive or in need.

Further we welcome others who might be practicing healing in the city to come share their practice or experience if they wish to. We would also hold a circle of sharing at the end of the sessions, where each one can share their experience.