AHW Team

Tahir Ahmed Qureshi

Founder of Agra Heritage Walks, Tahir has traveled across India for his passion for exploring new terrains as well as film and photography assignments. He is a 7th generation Agra-wala, a journalist, and a filmmaker forever rediscovering Agra through his unique gaze and frames of the camera. He is a storehouse of city stories spanning through a timeless spectrum. He is also a master at cracking exquisitely horrifying yet funny jokes at the drop of a hat.

Neha Chaturvedi

A transdisciplinary practitioner, Neha has taught literature in leading universities of India. Neha has a keen interest in emphasising the role of women in history and conceptualized The Walk About Mughal Women, The River Walk and The Midnight walk. Born in Agra in a family of academicians, she always has a critical input to offer about everything that exists. When not in her dreamland envisioning a beautiful and safe world, she is often caught working with waste and old materials, transforming them into pieces of art. She is also happy to offer meditation or healing sessions when asked.

Kaleem Ahmed Qureshi

Kaleem is a software engineer, a musician of string instruments, and a keen observer of life around him. Kaleem and Tahir come from the same family, and happen to be siblings. He is in awe of intricate crafts of the city and loves to design jewelry inspired by the city of Agra. He also makes websites and plays with codes that can organise and automate complex systems. Presently he is working towards creating an active and flourishing football scene in Agra, a lifetime dream of his.

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