Exploring old ruins of the city

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Anal Jha/ Tahir Ahmed/ Kaleem Ahmed/ Neha Chaturvedi

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While every new construction in the city of Agra boasts of modern mechanical technology or some concrete structure, the ruins of the city hold parts that are almost 500 to 1000 years old. One can find many old Madarasa-like structures, like the Panja Madarasa ruins, with remnants of the Sufi poets around them, untold stories of the city, and different kinds of architectural styles in its balconies, windows and doors. One can experience the work of endurance and patience that has existed in these parts of the city for centuries. Sometimes, it is only the ruins that speak for themselves and their past. During the walk, we will discuss and share our experiences and childhood memories. We will also listen to and meet the local hidden poets of the area.

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