Storytelling fridays

Do you have a story that you admire ? It could be anything, something that you wrote on your own or maybe something that your grandparents passed onto you. Storytelling fridays is a space for all your stories.

We had been thinking about it for a long time at the community about documenting all the amazing stories that Agra-wale’s have to say or that keep circulating in the city. One fine day while discussing it we said that we should just execute the idea and make a call out to those who are interested in stories. Authors, story-tellers, artists of all kinds and a lot of listeners.

People at the first storytelling Fridays session

The event does not have any particular format and we want to keep it open till the time a format emerges from the community itself.

The first storytelling Friday happened in December and we had some really interesting stories there. From Reema’s kissa’s about Agra to Bakhtyar Sahab’s story on his life in Kashmir and then there wee stories and instances from the city that were shared by Mudit and other youngsters.

For me, such meetings are a perfect place where we can dive in deeper into the culture of the city. Because our existence is only mapped by the stories that we tell ourselves and as a character in Amitav Ghosh’s novel The Shadow Lines says that either you make your own stories or you become a part of someone else’s stories.